Hi! My name is Darby, but when I get to go to horse shows they call me Benjamin Buttons. I was born on April 15, 1997. I am a bay QH/Appaloosa cross (although I have no spots and my dad is full of them). I joined the program in April 2014 and since then I have enjoyed being a trusted steed for the program even showing at Special Olympics.  I love going places and know my job is to take care of my riders, no matter what!  You should see me in the dressage ring!  That’s where I pull myself together and really move with grace.  Around the barn, I can be quite the character and will toss things from in front of my stall just so you don’t forget about me.  Even though I am getting up there in age, I hope that I can keep doing good things for this program that has been such a good home for me.  In case you’re curious, honey crisp apples are my favorite!

Benjamin Buttons, aka Darby

My name is Renegade. I was born on May 7, 2003, and I am a registered Paint Horse. I was born at a cow farm where they intended for me to be a cow penning horse but I really had no interest in doing that.  That’s when Ms. Mia, bought me and learned how much I enjoy trail riding.  In fact, I enjoy it so much that Ms. Mia would take me out for long camping trips at national parks for days at a time or to challenging obstacle courses.  But make no mistake! You can shine me up and take me to horse shows and I will work with both Western and English.  Since I am such a good horse and am smart, kind and open to new adventures, Ms. Mia thought I could be a great addition to this awesome place, making this my forever home.  I am making lots of friends and enjoying this new journey.  Happy Trails for me!

Renegade, aka Rennie


If a cowboy rode into town on Friday and stayed for 2 days and left on Friday.
How is that possible ?

That’s because my name is Friday!

I came to live at Friendship Glen on 2/25/12. I am an Arabian gelding and Snakey adopted me from Faith Equine Rescue in Lakeland, FL. We think I was born 2/28/99, but not 100% sure since there wasn’t any paperwork when I was adopted. I’ve come a long way, working with all the kids who have helped me grow up and develop more confidence. I have a sweet face and really enjoy a good scratch under my chin. I am a good friend to all I meet!  


Hi, my name is “Big Joe”.  I am a registered red roan quarter horse, and my birthdate is 6/2/2010.  My official name with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is TT Sans Little Roan.  I used to work on a bit cattle farm but the cowboy that rode me said I wasn’t really “Cut out” to do that work.  You see that’s funny because when he would point me towards the cows, I didn’t really want to cut one out of the herd and move it away from its friends.  Maybe that’s why they say that?!  Anyway, I am learning this new job and kind of enjoy just being a horse, hanging in the pasture with my friend Socks.  Oh! and the carrots and apples they give me are great treats!   

TT Sans Little Roan aka Big Joe



My name is SteppedinPaint AKA Patch. I am owned by Jennifer and Samantha. I was born June 15, 1999. I am an Andalusian cross and I am a bay pinto color. When I was young, I was a show hunter, showmanship and model horse champion, and tried dressage but really loved cross county jumping at a gallop most of all. I also really like trail rides. I am very curious about everything at our barn and like to explore the office area, tack room, laundry room and any container that may hold food! I joined the team in Spring of 2021.

Stepped in Paint aka Patch

Hi, my name is Socks. I joined the team in the spring of 2017. Like some other team members, I came from Faith Equine Rescue and I am happy to find such a loving home. I was born in 2011 but since no paperwork came with me, we aren’t exactly sure what my birthday is so we just celebrate it on January 1st! I am a beautiful liver chestnut color with lots of chrome, (That means I have lots of shiny white parts, especially from my hooves to my knees, making it look like I have socks on!) I have been taken to 4-H horse shows and Special Olympics and am really taking to this job. I particularly love a good grooming and make it a habit to share my pleasure by making my kiss-y face for my groomers.  I will always try my best and I know that I have a pretty great life here. 


I am happily supported in part by the Tampa Bay Rays Foundation

My name is Emmaline AKA Em. I was born April 8, 2016. I am a Holsteiner/Missouri Fox Trotter cross, and my color is dark brown. I think I am very beautiful. I was rescued by the Horse Protection Association of Florida and Jane Whitehurst trained me to compete in dressage. I joined the team at H4H in March 2022. I am the only mare (girl horse) at our barn so am pretty much in charge of all the boys. When I go out on the trails I am brave and I know how to go through streams, jump over logs, splash in lakes, look close-up at tortoises, deer, cattle, and even an alligator or two, but I don’t like snakes! I do love to eat…everything.



My name is Heat Advisory AKA Bentley. I am a bay color American Quarter horse. I was born in Georgia on April 25, 2008. I was a western pleasure show horse for many years. I also can be ridden hunt seat. I hope to be a big help for the team. Even though I am tall, I will put my head right in the halter for turn out time. I am super friendly and love to have my head rubbed and brushed.



My name is Cannon. I am a chestnut color warmblood. I was abandoned in the everglades and was rescued by the sheriff’s department who called our good friend, Patty Reed, who is a police officer in Pinellas County, and she drove all the way down to south Florida and picked me up. She gave me a loving home and gave me lots of healthy food and hay to build me up. She taught me how to be a police horse. I went on to do third level dressage and then I became a good lesson horse for kids. I love being groomed and am very friendly so come say hi to me if you are at the barn. I like apples too!